Lineal descendants of Roger Williams and their spouses are eligible to join the Roger Williams Family Association.

Membership dues and fees for Annual and Lifetime Memberships are as follows:

Application Fee: $25
Application Fee for multiple Annual Members within family: $35
Annual Dues: $10 

Application Fee: $0
Lifetime Dues: $75


1. Print out an Application Form.
2. Complete the form, being certain to LIST SOURCES as required. Refer to Application Guidelines for more information. Note: If you are applying for membership for more than one person, an application form must be completed IN FULL for each person.
3. Attach a check or money order payable to "Roger Williams Family Association" in the amount outlined above.
4. Mail form and check to our Registrar:
     Roger H. Blake
     22 Pond Street
     North Easton, MA 02356

Our Registrar will verify each line of descent from Roger Williams and submit your application to the membership for approval at the next scheduled meeting.

Incomplete applications will be returned.

Documents sent with your application will not be returned to you unless they are accompanied with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with appropriate postage.

Upon acceptance into the Association, you will receive a membership packet including a membership card and a copy of our most recent Bulletin. The Bulletin will be mailed to you each year that you are a member in good standing and will include a program of meetings and events that you and your guests are invited to attend. The membership packet will also include brochures on tourist attractions related to Roger Williams and two booklets published by the Association: "A Brief Biography of Roger Williams" and "A History of Roger Williams Family Association."

Questions? Please contact Roger Blake, Regisrar at 508-369-6514 or

Please Note: The information you provide on your application form is considered private and confidential. We do not sell, trade, exchange or otherwise make available any information from our records to any other organization or company.

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